Our Services

Marine Casualties

  • Collision with ships, fixed & floating objects including, berths,  buoys


  • Oil spill surveys during bunker operations
  • Vessel collision incidents

Hull & Machinery Damages

  • Including repair of main engines, propellers, boilers

Warranty Surveys

  • Prior to a marine operation, the marine surveyor verifies documents, equipment, condition  survey of the vessel, approval of the marine operations as stipulated in the warranty clause, in order to ensure a safe voyage

Flag State Inspections


  • Ship board audits

Claim Disputes

  • Attend negotiations for damaged cargo settlement
  • Bill negotiation upon completion of vessel repairs in shipyards
  • Working closely with Law Firms
  • Assist shipowners to execute arrest of vessels
  • Assist shipowners in switching Bill of Lading
  • Assist in recoveries on ‘no cure – no pay’ basis
  • Assist in Subrogation Claims


Cargo Surveys

  • Dry cargo & liquid cargo contamination, reworking, un-stuffing of cargoes , stowage & lashing surveys, pre-shipment condition surveys

Offshore Surveys

  • Tugs – On/Off Hire Condition survey of tugs such as harbour tugs, local/home trade tugs, ocean going tugs, anchor handlers (AHTS) tugs, supply vessels, support station vessels, etc , with soundings and records of consumables for voyage etc.
  • Barges– On/Off Hire Condition survey of barges such as flattop barges, dumb barges, work barges, accommodation/work barges, hopper barges etc.
  • Internal inspection not limited to internal condition of platings, vertical / longitudinal frames, ‘A’ frames stiffners, deck heads, bottom platings, watertight integrity and testing etc.


  • Verification of all trading and related certificates
  • Issuance of towing and seaworthiness certificates
  • Verifying towing route/passage planning, security plan
  • Ttowage plan. Counter checking of bills of lading with manifest/packing list and all documents necessary for the voyage to be taken

Miscellaneous Surveys

  • Lay up  vessels
  • Pre-purchase condition surveys
  • Pre-vetting surveys
  • Power Boat Pleasure Crafts

Crew Injuries

  • Working in tandem with appointed clinics / hospitals to provide immediate assistance to injured crew
  • Assist review of hospital bills.

Maritime Training Services

  • Conducts Command Assessment Program (CAP)  in accordance with the methodology that was initially developed by MPA
  • Simulated scenario of shipboard emergencies to test leadership qualities and stress management skills of a Master.
  • Non mariners or insurers can attend as observers.